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Bellevue, OH   44811 (population, 8202)               Page 2

GPS: N 41.27021, W 82.83738 (the Platform)   Google map   

Scanner:  NS 160.440 [22], 161.190 [72], 161.250 [76]; WLE, 161.025 [61]

Railroads: Norfolk Southern Lake Div, NW Sub Toledo Dist. MP 53;

Description: Bellevue is a City in North Central Ohio and the location of the Mad River & NKP Museum at the NS
Tracks, (N 41.27062, W 82.84066)  At the end of 2014, a Railfan viewing platform was constructed on Monroe St
(N 41.27021, W 82.83738); other good railfan spots are spread around town. Just follow the tracks.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 30+

Nearby RR stuff:  Across the street from the platform, is the NS control tower The NS yards NE of Town (N
41.29049, W 82.78307) are undergoing a significant expansion. As with most rail yards, there is no access for
photography except at highway overpasses.

Gregariousness quotient: Low except at the museum bldg.

Local Fast Food: Wendy’s N 41.27570, W82.84793, and Burger King N 41.27746, W 82.85483 on W. Main, (US-

Ice Cream: Cold Rush Dairy Bar, N 41.28314, W 82.87466 2 mi west of town on US-20

Best choice for lodging:  Elsewhere

Personal observations: The MR&NKP has an impressive collection of prototype equipment.
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