The Gregarious Railfan
Brady, NE 69123  (population, 423 [2013])

GPS: N 40.99835, W 100.31750   Google map   

Scanner:  UP 160.680 [38] 160.470 [24]

Railroad:  Union Pacific, Nebraska Div, Kearney Sub,  MP 258

Description:   Brady Curve on the UP’s busy triple track main is located approximately 2 miles east of Brady, NE. It
is a scenic location on US-30 that calls railfans to the photo opportunities there. Brady Curve is also known as
“Buttermilk Curve” – the story is that the milk in cans, in the old refrigerated cars in prewar days would be turned
to buttermilk as the train negotiated the tight turns at Brady.  The Curve is not really a place that railfans
congregate; the only parking is on the shoulder of two-lane US-30. But it is certainly considered a destination just for
the photo opportunities.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours:  120+

Nearby RR stuff:  West, in the town of Brady, there is a pedestrian overpass of the main that yields more unique
overhead photo ops of the UP traffic.  The Golden Spike Tower in North Platte, NE is located 25 miles to the west.

Photo opportunities:  The photo opportunities are the only reason for listing Brady Curve.  See description

regariousness quotient: low

Food and lodging: best bets are in North Platte  
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November 2014
photo op
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Brady pedestrian overpass
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Buttermilk Curve
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