The Gregarious Railfan
Cassandra, PA   15925 (population, 147)

GPS: N 40.40786, W 78.63752   Google map   

Scanner: NS 160.800 [46]  

Railroad:  Norfolk Southern Pittsburg Division

Description: An iron single lane bridge spanning over the former Pennsylvania Rail Road mainline was closed to vehicle
traffic in 1936.  Used infrequently by hikers, this bridge was "rediscovered" in 1998, and is now a popular railfan
destination in this area.  Engines struggle to pull the heavy trains up mountain on the way to Altoona and points
east.  Westbound trains sliding down the mountain can pop up quickly and quietly until you hear the helper engines
running in full dynamics, doing their best to keep the train under control.  This is mountain railroading at its best, and
a busy mountain railroad it is!  You frequently see several helper engines running light to their next assignment,
Cassandra is a fine place to experience railroading in the Allegheny Mountains!

Approximate # trains per 24: hours: 60

Nearby RR stuff: Cresson, Gallitzin, and Horseshoe Curve

Photo opportunities: You can see eastbound trains coming from 3 miles down the track,

Gregariousness quotient: Medium

Local breakfast: Cresson Spring Family Restaurant, 4½ miles NE in Cresson. (N 40.45931, W 78.59205)

Local Pub and grub: George’s Bar & Restaurant, about 2 miles NE, Lilly, PA (N 40.42522, W 78.62160) only one

Lodging: Cassandra Railroad Overlook & Motel, Station Inn at Cresson,Tunnel Inn at Galitzin, or Altoona.
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