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Railroad Bridges
Clinton, IA Rail Bridge

Scanner:  UP 161.040 [62]  

Railroad:  Union Pacific Central Division, Clinton Sub  

Railfan Access: Very Limited  but good long view from a riverfront park north of the US-30 highway bridge.

Description:  The existing bridge at Clinton is a double-track steel bridge, 890 feet long, opened to rail traffic in
1909. It consists of a 460-foot long movable bridge of the swing-span type – it swings horizontally around a pier in
the middle of the river channel to open and close – and two fixed spans totaling 430 feet in length.  The steel
structure of the bridge clears the normal river level by 18 feet, 7 inches.
The Union Pacific is currently planning a new rail bridge at Clinton and is in the process of generating environmental
statements and applying for state and federal grants.
Clinton Rail Bridge with US-30
highway bridge in the foreground
Union Pacific Picture
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Union Pacific Picture
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