The Gregarious Railfan
Dover, OH; The Warther's Carving Museum   44622 (population, 12,826)  

GPS: N 40.5253, W 81.4872   Google map   

Description: Even though this is NOT a railfan site, read on - Ernest "Mooney" Warther was a master carver who had
a special interest in railroading and carved replicas of Steam locomotives. Mooney carved the history of the steam
engine all to scale 1/2" to the 1'. The 64 working model carvings are made from Walnut, Ebony, and Ivory and are
completed to exacting detail. The carvings have been appraised as "Priceless" by the Smithsonian Institution and a
"must see" by railroad enthusiasts.  One thing has to be remembered when you see examples of his work, Carving was
his HOBBY. He worked in a iron mill for the first part of his life, and because he had to create better carving tools,
learned knife making; and supported his family by making wonderful kitchen knives for much of his life. The museum is
open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Daily, year-around.  If you are EVER in the area, this museum should not be missed.
Note: The tracks that go by the Museum are owned by R.J. Corman (Memphis Line) and the FRA crossing inventory
lists less than 1 train movement per day.

By the way, cameras ARE permitted in the museum and you are welcomed to take pictures during the guided tours.
Union Pacific 'Big Boy' Model in Walnut and Ivory. Highly accurate and over 4feet long. Just one
of the literally hundreds of models that Mooney Warther carved in his lifetime. Scale: 1" = 1'
Denver Todd is The Gregarious Railfan
Todd Sestero is the RAILFAN GUIDES of the U.S.
November 2014
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The Warther's Carving Museum