Durand, MI   48429 (population, 3,446)               Page 2

GPS: N 42.9094, W 83.9823   Google map   

Scanner: CN: 160.530 [28], 160.590 [32], 160.845 [49], 161.220 [74]; TSB: 160.575 [31], 161.100 [66]: CM:
161.280 [78], 161.130 [68]

Railroads:  Canadian National Midwest Div, Flint Sub; former CN Midwest Division, Holly Sub now Tuscola & Saginaw

Description:    Durand, Michigan is located in east central Michigan. The restored Durand Union Station sits in the
NE quadrant of a junction of the CN and Tuscola & Saginaw Bay (TSW) Railroads. There is adequate parking and a
platform very close to the rails, with shade and picnic tables. The station houses the Michigan Railroad History
Museum and an Amtrak station.  The Amtrak “Blue Water” from Port Huron to Chicago goes through.  On the
weekend after Mother’s Day, Durand hosts “Railroad Days”

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 30+

Gregariousness quotient: Medium

Local breakfast: The Iron Horse Pub, awesome selection, (N 42.91107, W 83.98450)

Local food: In town, Nick’s Hometown Grill (N 42.91093, W 83.98454) next to Iron Horse

Local Pub and grub: The Iron Horse Pub,

Fast food & lodging: fast food, convenience stores, and lodging north of Durand by the I-69 interchange
(N 42.9253, W 83.9948)  

Visitor Info:  Trip Advisor - Durand   
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