The Gregarious Railfan
Folkston, GA Page 2
Rental information for Railroad themed lodging in Folkston; the Roadmaster’s Lodge and 2 separate
Cabooses along the tacks in Folkston as well as a small RV campground for railfans   
Railroad themed lodging at Folkston
The Platform
The Depot
The Tracks
The Trains    This is surely CSX Country
Railmaster's Lodge
Cabooses (Cabeese?) (Multiple Caboose?)
All of the pictures below © by Darla and Richard Minuth in 2015 unless otherwise stated. A big thank you for their
Parking North of the Platform
The platform was dedicated to "Cookie" Williams, a prominent
citizen of Folkston and friend to railfans all across the country
Looking North
Looking South
Amtrak's Auto Train
Todd Sestero's RAILFAN GUIDES of the U.S.   Folkston page
Railfanning Folkston video by Railfanner Florida
Amtrak Auto train at Folkston by Drogonmaster91266