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Fostoria Scanner Frequencies

CSX F Dispatcher AAR 08 160.230
CSX Willard Sub AAR 94 161.520
CSX Columbus Sub AAR 12 160.320
CSX Yard AAR 70 161.160
CSX Pemberville Sub AAR 35 160.635
NS Mixing Center AAR 92 161.490
NS Yard AAR 56 160.950
NS Fostoria District AAR 76 161.250
The old B&O Depot on Main St
The Rail Park looking East
The Rail Park looking West
NS Detector Ilers Milepost 275.4
NS Detector Arcadia Milepost 285.5
CSX Bascom Detector Milepost 31.1
Todd Sestero's RAILFAN GUIDES of the U.S. Fostoria page
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