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North Platte, NE  69101 (population, 23,900)        Page 2

GPS: N 41.14348, W 100.82979   Google map   

Scanner: UP 160.290 [12], 160.350 [16], 160.410 [20], 160.515 [27], 160.650 [36], 160.680 [38], 160.740 [42]

Railroad: Union Pacific, Nebraska Div, North Platte Terminal Subdivision, MP 282 to MP 292

Description: North Platte, Nebraska is located in southwestern Nebraska and is the location of UP’s Bailey Yards; the
largest railroad classification yard in the world, on UP’s triple track main.  The GPS location above is the location of
the brand new (2008) Golden Spike Tower overlooking Bailey Yards with interpretive exhibits and a gift shop. From
the observation platforms on the 7th and 8th floors you can see through trains on UP’s Overland Route, plus all the
action in Bailey Yards including the humps, shops, and diesel servicing facilities. This is a crew change and a refueling

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 120+

Nearby RR stuff: North of town on US-83 is the Cody Park Railroad Museum (N 41.1479, W 100.7609) and East
of town on US-30, about 26 miles, and just East of Brady, NE, is Buttermilk Curve.  Your best bet is to park on
the South shoulder of US-30 for a scenic photo opportunity of the triple track main.  US-30 follows the triple track
main for about 100 miles to Gibbon with many worthy railfan spots.

Other interesting or fun stuff: The 20th Century Veterans Memorial on S. Jeffers St. Immediately north of the
Comfort Inn is worth a half hour of your time if you have it.

Gregariousness quotient: Medium

Local breakfast: The Lincoln Highway Diner, 320 Rodeo Rd. (US-30), (N 41.14671, W 100.76449)

Lodging: Restaurants and lodging are concentrated south of town by the interchange of I-80 and US-83.  There are
other restaurants and motels scattered around North Platte. I have stayed at both the Hampton Inn and Comfort Inn
there and found both very satisfactory. I picked these properties mostly because of the unkempt appearances of many
of the chains I would normally stay at. – just a personal thought.

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