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Porter Junction/Chesterton, IN  46304 (population, 13,068)        Page 2

GPS: N 41.61303, W 87.07133   Google map   

Scanner: NS: 160.800 [46], 161.070 [64]; CSX: 160.230 [8], 160.320 [14], 160.635 [35]; Amtrak: 160.305 [13],
161.535 [95]

Railroads: Norfolk Southern Dearborn Division, Chicago Line MP 482 (15th St.); CSX Chicago Division, Grand Rapids
Sub; Amtrak Michigan Sub

Defect Detectors: NS MP 490 W, MP 476.8 E; Amtrak MP 482.8.

Description:  The towns of Chesterton and Porter, Indiana are located in Northwest Indiana.  Porter Junction (N
41.6135, W 87.0744) is where CSX joins the old New York Central Chicago Line (now NS) for their run into
Chicago.  Parking is questionable on railroad property off 15th Street by the tracks.  All to be had is an area of
scruffy railroad ballast.  While the local police are not particularly friendly to railfans, fans generally are not bothered
if they don’t stray too far from their cars and don’t go too near the tracks.  Stay away from the triangular area at
the junction itself as that is posted no trespassing.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 65, Amtrak has 5 trains a day each direction, including the Pere Marquette,
the Wolverine, and the Blue Water; The Capitol Limited, and the Lake Shore Limited. (Check the national Amtrak

Gregariousness quotient: Low

Local Food and Lodging: There is fast food, fuel and lodging available on Indian Boundary Rd.
N 41.6165, W 87.0435 closer to I-94. The Port, B-K Root Beer is an old fashioned root beer stand north of the
tracks N 41.61528, W 87.05131 on Calumet in Chesterton

Ice Cream: There is a Dairy Queen close by and just east on Broadway N 41.6115, W 87.0683

Local Pub and grub: Danny O's Bar and Grill south at 1050 S. Calumet, N 41.60130, W 87.04970 with great
sandwiches, Perch and steaks, plus your favorite beverage.

Best choice for lodging: Riley’s Railhouse B&B, 123 North 4th St. Chesterton N 41.61158, W 87.05553 right next
to the NS Main Line.

Printable PDF take along fact sheet: Porter Junction Fact Sheet   

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