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Rondout Jct., Lake Bluff, IL  60044 (population, 5,722)        Page 2

GPS: N 42.27955, W 87.89550         map   

Scanner: Metra 160.770 [44], CN 160.350 [16], 161.145 [69], 161.475 [91]  

Railroads: Canadian National (Soo) Chicago Division, CM Sub; CN (WC) Chicago Terminal Division, Leighton Sub

FRA Info:   Crossing Inventory Report for Metra, Park Ave,   PDF  

Description:  A Junction in North east Illinois mostly Metra. This is a junction involving Metra and CP Rail, and
crossing with the CN former Elgin Joliet & Eastern.  In addition to freight and Metra activity there are Amtrak
Hiawatha Service trains on the CP between Chicago and Milwaukee, and the Amtrak Empire Builder.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours:  80+ on weekdays, less on weekends (includes 16 Amtrak per day)

Photo opportunities: Pictures of the Junction from the nearby elevated bike path, or from the CN grade crossing on
Arcadia Rd.

Gregariousness quotient: Low to medium. Railfans are frequently there on Fridays and the weekends and the many
hikers and bikers on the bike path are friendly too.  

Parking: There is a small amount of parking on the wood chips (this may have been paved) across Arcadia Rd from the
Knollwood Sportsmans Club. The KSC parking lot is posted but they accept railfans to park in their lot as long as they
don't displace members. See Map #1 on page 2

Safety: Not a problem, but as always Stay off RR property

Other Nearby stuff:
  If you're required (or just want) to split quality time with a spouse or significant other,
There are many fine restaurants and lots of unique shopping nearby in both Libertyville and Lake Bluff.

Local breakfast:  The Caboose 320 E. Hawley, Mundelein 3 Miles East GPS: N 42.26977, W 87.99959

Fast Food: McDonalds, 28929 Waukegan Rd, N 42.28164, W 87.87975 to the east; Culvers, 803 E. Park Ave,
Libertyville,  N 42.28157, W 87.93948

Ice Cream: Culvers, 803 E. Park Ave, Libertyville,  N 42.28157, W 87.93948;  
Dairy Queen, 502 S Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville,  

Pub and Grub: Rita's, 13744 Rockland Rd N 42.28012, W 87.90024;
The Silo, 625 Rockland Rd, N 42.27971, W 87.87485, A WIDE variety of sandwiches, pizza, drinks, and desserts.
irkin, 515 N Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville, W 42.28809, W 87.95447, (Probably one of the greatest P & G
establishments I have ever experienced after railfanning. Funky, not rail themed. Too much to describe, just go there.)

Lodging: Sleep Inn and others at Great Lakes Naval Base, N 42.30327, W 87.87566 (check and reserve early as
hotels are frequently sold out because of Great Lakes Naval Training Center, and many corporate headquarters in the
area. There are also many higher end hotels in the general area.
Always be yourself because the people that matter don't mind ...  And the ones that mind don't matter.  - unknown
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Todd Sestero is the RAILFAN GUIDES of the U.S.
December 2014
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