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Trowbridge Junction, East Lansing, MI   48823 (population, 48,579)    

GPS: N 42.7195, W 84.5002   Google map   

Scanner: CN 160.590 [32], 160.845 [49], 161.220 [74]; CSX 160.230 [8], 160.320 [14], 161.370 [84]

Description:   Located in East Lansing MI, less than ½ mile west of the Amtrak station on Trowbridge Road,
Trowbridge is a junction for CSX and CN. East Lansing is the home of Michigan State University

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 20

Nearby RR stuff: East Lansing Amtrak 1240 S Harrison Rd   N 42.71898, W 84.49418

Nearby stuff:    Michigan State University   ½ mile East  

Gregarious Quotient:  Low

Local Breakfast: Denny's 3 miles to the NE on Grand River Ave N 42.72577, W 84.44976

Local Fast Food:  Wendy's and Taco Bell less than ¼ mile east on Trowbridge Rd

Ice Cream:  MSU Dairy Store 474 South Shaw Lane (Really on Farm Lane in the MSU Dairy Building) East Lansing,
N 42.72429, W 84.47820  

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