The Gregarious Railfan
Willow Creek Junction, Portage, IN   46368 (population, 36,840)

GPS: N 41.58827, W 87.18336   Google map   

Scanner: CSX 160.230 [8], 161.370 [84]

Railroads: CSX Chicago Division, Garret Sub; CSX Chicago Division, Porter Sub

Description: Willow Creek is a neighborhood in the city of Porter, Indiana.  It is the location of the junction of the
Garrett Subdivision, Porter Subdivision, and Barr Subdivision, all sections of the CSX Railroad. Best to park in the
Woodland Park parking lot 400 ft north of the junction and walk the sidewalk to the junction.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 50

Nearby RR stuff: Porter Junction is only about 6 miles east of here.

Other interesting or fun stuff:  Bass Pro Shop north at I-94 interchange.

Gregariousness quotient: Low

Personal observations: Basically this is another place to watch the B&O. Indiana is blessed with ‘almost too many
good railfan locations. The lack of amenities would normally call for choosing a different spot. But it is a fun place to
watch trains.
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December 2014
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