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Some facts from Bret Wirick's links:
Winslow  MP 286.2
Winslow marks the end of the Seligman sub and the beginning of the Gallup sub, and serves as a crew change location.

Seligman Sub Superlatives:
West end: Needles, CA - MP 578.0; East end: East Winslow, AZ - MP 284.5; Total miles: 293.5  Double track main
for the entire route. Main 1 is the north track. Max track speeds vary from 90 mph for Amtrak to 70 mph for
freight. Major stations: Needles, Kingman, Seligman, Flagstaff, Winslow.

Crew Change Points:  Needles, Winslow
Yards: Needles, Winslow
Highest point 7,322 ft @ Arizona Divide.

Lowest Point:  456 ft @ Topock, AZ.
Radio Frequencies: AAR 55, 160.935, DS-10, Winslow to Seligman; AAR 36 160.650 DS-11  Seligman to Topock;  AAR
55  160.935 Topock to Needles.
PBX: AAR 09, 160.245 / Peach Springs; AAR 10, 160.260 / Williams; AAR 15, 160.335 / Kingman (also Flagstaff)
Amtrak Stops:  Needles, Kingman, Williams Jct., Flagstaff, and Winslow
Train Frequency: 60-70 daily; Train Types: Intermodal, Manifest, Auto, Passenger
Editor’s note: Train frequencies in the above note are from 2004. TGR
Editor’s note: Regarding the above post, I do edit out non relevant material from internet posts when I use them but do not make any
judgment on the content unless it’s truly inappropriate or abusive, and I generally don’t agree with negative comments except safety
warnings as I believe everyone should judge for themselves what they like. Everyone has a different comfort level, and I personally have
often had fun in such places as dive bars; and found interesting individuals on/from the ‘wrong side of the tracks’. TGR
and another post:
La Posada is a great place to stay. The two rooms on the tracks are the Carol Lombard and Amelia Earhart rooms.
Other than the Harvey House area, the town of Winslow is a dump.
Here is a post on regarding the La Posada Hotel,
The La Posada is a great place to stay. It is an old Harvey House that has been completely renovated. It sits by
the tracks, and the crew change is about a mile west up the tracks. You have eastbounds picking up speed as they
need out of town, and westbounds slowing as they prepare to stop. You can sit by the tracks or on the porch and
watch the parade. Amtrak stops there twice a day.
The eats are super, also has a small bar for adult beverages. It isn't real cheap, but worth it. The Carol Lombard
room is 2nd floor, faces the tracks.
…enjoy the wind. Winslow is pronounced "winds blow".
Bret Wirick's Desert Guide
Map of Downtown Winslow
The Railfan Gazebo at Winslow, along the
BNSF Transcon    
(Google Street View image)
La Posada Hotel seen from Bus I-40
(Google Street View image)