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A bad day of railfanning is better than a good day of anything else.
Website Last Revised 7/25/19   
This is a non commercial, educational website      
Notice:  Due to a number of factors, including the high cost of obtaining
a security certificate required by most search engines, starting in mid
2019, I have decided to close down this website. My domain and hosting
is paid through December, 2020, so it will be online at least until then. I
do reserve to right to change my mind.  
     It has been a great six year run and I have enjoyed creating these
pages as an addition to my hobby of railfanning. As I get older, I find
that I am not able to travel to distant railfan spots like I used to enjoy.
As well, I am running out of sufficiently interesting spots to write about.
Creating pages has become the main focus of my railfan hobby.
     I enjoy the creative part of having a website, and I have a wide
variety of eclectic interests, so I am considering creating an online blog
that will at times feature railfan subjects along with a whole range of
other subjects.  I will post the link to it here if and when I have created
it.  I welcome continued correspondence from railfans everywhere. You can
e-mail me at
      I have made arrangements with my friend and fellow railfan, Todd
Sestero to archive the location pages on his website
.  and, hopefully  there they will be available for a long time
Note about Railfan Guides to the U.S.: you may get a privacy
warning, but that is because he hasn't purchased a new security
certificate. If you have virus protection, there should be no problem.
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